New York Bankruptcy Law Attorneys Web Site Design

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Law Firm Website Design

Law Promo’s latest attorney website design project is for our New York Bankruptcy Law client. This project is still in it’s mockup phase and is subject to revisions once our client has reviewed the website. For more information on our process, click the link to read below.For this attorney website design, our client requested our design team to focus on a theme of minimalism. They wanted to go with a traditional layout with light colors and an eye-catching image that would grab their visitors. They requested a bare bones attorney web design which would focus and compel their visitors to read the content and information presented.

In keeping with the traditional layout, our team placed the firm name at the very top with the main menu. Below the banner we chose a high resolution image of columns that complemented the predominantly light color scheme of white and gray. The contrast between the image and color scheme draws visitor’s attention towards the image and the content presented below.

Our design team chose a pleasing font that matched the overall tone of the website design and placed our client’s call to action in a different color so as to stand out to the visitor. The empty space to the left of the content serves as a placeholder for a contact form or list of practice areas.

Overall, the design is simplistic and minimalist as our client requested. Little details like the padding and margins and choice of font and content presentation make up this design. The empty spaces throughout allow is intentional as it pushes visitors to simply focus on our client’s content and stay on the page longer than they normally would.

As we mentioned before, this law firm web design is still in it’s mockup phase and is far from finished. Once we receive word from our client, we’ll be able to post new updates to this project.