New Attorney Website Launch Announcement – The Law Office of John S. Unell

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Today marked the launch of the Law Office of John S. Unell website. Located in Plano, Texas, this sole practitioner is a Board Certified Attorney in the areas of residential and commercial real estate law. He has been practicing since 1996 and has represented a large range of clients, from landlords to tenants, contractors to banks. He serves clients all over the Dallas to Fort Worth area, and brings the experience he gained during his time with larger firms to his more intimate, focused firm.

Law Office of John S. Unell Homepage

While we acknowledge that content may be king, it’s also true that visual aids can get your message across faster and more effectively than long paragraphs of legal jargon. This website features a variety of images, from the clean, simple attorney image on the front page and the large Flash header, to the simple, practice area-specific on the interior pages. These images guide the visitor’s eye and give them instant context for the text at hand.

The pages also feature quite a bit of white space, an important design technique. While white space may seem like wasted online real estate, those blank areas give readers’ eyes a break and increase the readability of the text on the page. Here, it’s used to create user-friendly pages that make exploring this website a pleasant experience.

Finally, this website has some very prominently placed references to Mr. Unell’s status as Board Certified. We call these identifiers “trust badges.” When potential clients see things like this, they know that the attorney has been recognized by his peers for his work.

Want to see more? Please visit the Law Office of John S. Unell to see our latest website design.