New Website Launched – San Bernardino, California Criminal Defense Attorney Website

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About: The Law Office of Jeffrey S. Bullard has locations in San Bernardino and Victorville, California. They are a criminal defense solo practitioner firm and cover cases in all areas of crime representation. The attorney believes that each and every client should be treated as family, and brings the same earnest interest in his clients’ success to each and every case. He promises personal attention and a tenacious representation that will result in the best possible result for the client. His complete understanding of his clients’ needs can be extremely comforting in these times of emergency and need.

Lawyer site Design

Practice Areas:

Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Assault with a Firearm
Battery on a Police Officer
Battery with Serious Bodily Injury
Domestic Battery
Auto Burglary
Commercial Burglary
Residential Burglary
Burglary Tools
Child Abuse
Child Endangerment

At Law Promo, we design websites that meet our client’s every need and requirement. As a one-man firm, The Law Office of Jeffrey S. Bullard needed its website to strike a balance between professional and relatable.

The visual appearance of the website, with its stark contrast between white and deep navy, suggests a strong, capable presence, while the tone of the content focuses on personal and customized attention for each case.