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About: Craig M. Gendler, P.A. has committed his practice to defending the rights of his clients for over 30 years. He has represented persons accused of DUI, serious traffic offenses and other crimes, as well as those who have been injured in motor accidents or while at work. He recognizes that no matter how large or small your offense, going to court is a stressful time, and treats every case with the utmost importance. He guarantees attentive, complete and fierce attention to every part of the business relationship and has experience in courts throughout Maryland.

Craig Lawyer Website

Practice Areas:

Criminal Law
Traffic Cases
Workers’ Compensation
Personal Injury

Located in Owings Mills Maryland, Craig M. Gendler covers five main practice areas: DUI, worker’s compensation, personal injury, criminal law and traffic cases. His website is brief and simple, but offers valuable information for those who might require his legal services. For example, on his DUI page, there is extensive advice on the laws and regulations of sobriety tests, many of which are intended to help those charged with driving under the influence realize that their case is not hopeless. Craig M. Gendler notes that every client will be given personal attention from Mr. Gendler himself, and that consultations are free. Please visit Craig M. Gendler, P.A. for more information.