New Website Launched – Los Angeles, California Bankruptcy and Family Law Attorneys Website

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About: This firm is a Los Angeles-based law firm that represents clients in a number of business and individual-related practice areas, including business law, bankruptcy, civil litigation, family law, and immigration law. They also have an established reputation in Las Vegas and Carson City, and cover several practice areas for business and legal professionals in the state of Nevada. They hope to help their clients take advantage of Nevada’s business-friendly laws as well as the many other benefits of living in the state. Regardless of your legal situation, their firm has the knowledge and attitude to aid you and your business.

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Practice Areas:

Business Law
Civil Litigation
Real Estate
Family Law

This law firm requested we highlight their established connections with businesses and corporations, since their practice areas all focus on helping their clients start and run businesses in Southern California and Nevada. For this, we chose wide shots of downtown Los Angeles and Las Vegas, bringing to mind areas where successful business people gather and conduct their affairs. We also chose a simple, white background with a black, serif font for the titles and sans serif in the content for easy reading. The background of light grey pulls the visuals into a more serious realm and has corporate connotations that balance the bold blue and yellow accents.