New Website Launched – Houston, Texas Wrongful Death Attorneys Website

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About: Padilla & Rodriguez, L.L.P. is four attorney firm practicing wrongful death, personal injury, overtime and life insurance law in Houston, Texas. The lawyers there have over 30 years of cumulative experience, and they use their expertise to win their clients the very best recoveries from corporations and businesses internationally. They rely on the success of their clients for their current and future prosperity as a firm.

Padilla & Rodriguez

Practice Areas:

• Wrongful death and catastrophic injury cases
– Workplace hazards
– Quadriplegia/Quadriplegic Paralysis
– Motor vehicle collisions
– 18-wheeler collisions
– Motorcycle collisions
– Property Liability

• Failure to Pay Overtime

• Wrongful Denial of Life Insurance Benefits

This new firm came to Law Promo looking for strong and persuasive law firm website design. The colors, which were established early, give visitors a strong and determined impression. The About page is noteworthy because instead of detailing typical details about the law firm, they provided past legal successes that interested potential clients might find useful. They also have an educational technology page that gives a look into the graphic illustrations of various personal injury cases.