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About: Levin & Curlett LLC was formed by former prosecutors who created a small, high quality litigation boutique. Levin & Curlett LLC has extensive experience in all facets of criminal and civil litigation. Whether clients are involved in contractual disputes, business litigation, or qui tam whistleblower cases, our trial experience allows the firm to work effectively with clients to achieve their goals. Similarly, extensive prosecutorial backgrounds allow the firm to represent clients who are involved in criminal proceedings as targets, subjects, witnesses, recipients of grand jury subpoenas, or defendants.

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Practice Areas:

White Collar Litigation
General Criminal Defense
Whistleblower/Qui Tam Litigation
Civil Litigation
Military and International Humanitarian Law

Our attorneys have decades of combined experience serving as prosecutors in the Department of Justice and the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and leading practices in complex civil and criminal litigation at a national law firm. We have the skills and experience to take your case.