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About: Welcome to the Uruguay Residency Group of Bonfante Steinbeck, a professional law corporation based in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Punta Del Este, Uruguay. To put it simply, we assist individuals and families in their efforts to obtain Uruguayan residency. We manage and oversee a team of local Uruguayan service providers to ensure that our clients’ applications are filed properly and that all follow up work with the Direccion Nacional de Migracion (DNM) is handled in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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If you wish to become a legal resident of Uruguay, but want to ensure that your application is filed competently and cost effectively, we highly recommended you hire Uruguay Residency Group to guide you through the residency application process. While the residency process in Uruguay is simple and straightforward, many applications are delayed unnecessarily because information is missing from the file or documentation is mishandled.

•Submitting documentation which has “expired” (i.e., certain documents are only valid within 90 days of their legalization)
•Failing to renew medical health cards during the application process
•Failing to file birth certificates of minor children
•Failing to properly evidence proof of income or providing unnecessary documentation which raises unnecessary questions and delays
•Failing to obtain Cedulas for each applicant (this is not a legal requirement but an unofficial factor used by the DNM to gauge the seriousness of an applicant)
•Misplacing necessary documents

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