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About: A finding of guilt is not the end, often it is only the beginning – Remember a Defendant has a right to an appeal. Appellate Ink was specifically designed to cater to that right. Our firm exclusively handles appeals and post-conviction matters. It caters to the rights of the individual who is wrongly convicted.

Attorney Profile: Wade Skalsky attended the prestigious George Washington University School of Law in Washington D.C.. During his studies he was selected by the Department of Justice to assist with the disbursement of funds authorized by Congress to address the inequities of the Japanese internment camps during World War II. Upon graduation, he began his career by working as a prosecuting attorney in Arizona. Mr. Skalsky excelled in the trial group, with a near perfect record, before joining the appellate section to hone his writing and motion practice.

Appellate Ink


•Grounds For Appeal
•State Appeals
•Federal Appeals
•Post Conviction Relief
•Writ of Habeas Corpus
•Writ of Certiorari
•Writ of Mandumas
•Early Termination of Probation
•Reduction of Felony
•Certificate of Rehabilitation
•Governor’s Pardon

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