New Website Launch – Marijuana Criminal Defense in Riverside and San Bernardino

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Law Promo is very excited to announce the official website launch for The Law Office of James M. Taylor

Experienced Marijuana Criminal Defense in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties

In most circumstances, it is illegal to be in possession of marijuana. Some people are unaware of how serious it can be to be caught with drugs in California. What may seem like a minor pot possession can result in a permanent criminal record. A lawyer who has experience with these types of cases can aggressively defend you. In fact, they can usually prevent any criminal charges against you.

The District Attorneys as well as the courts in California tend to aggressively punish people who are illegally in possession of marijuana. Although California is on the liberal side when it comes to marijuana laws, you can still be punished harshly if you are unauthorized to be in possession of the substance. Being in possession of more than 1 oz, can appear as intent to distribute or sell, leading to more serious charges.

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