New Website Design for a Los Angeles Litigation Law Firm

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Attorney Web design

Law Promo is glad to announce the beginning of a new website design project for our Los Angeles Litigation Law Firm client. Like most of our clients, they found us online and after viewing our portfolio and speaking to one of our sales representative, we both agreed we’d be a good fit. You can find details of their mockup below.

We’ve mentioned how we’ve been refining and tweaking our traditional designs to incorporate modern themes of minimalism and content presentation. Our new client asked us to create for them one litigation law firm website design in that vein. The first step of our design team was to represent Los Angeles within the web design. Since Los Angeles is best known for its downtown buildings and skyscrapers, our design team decided to incorporate a large graphic of Los Angeles that focused primarily on the immensity of the buildings. They wanted to give the visitor a real feeling of what it means to be in Los Angeles.

Since our client’s practice focused on Litigation, the design team made sure to find a graphic that visitor’s would associate with professionalism and reliability. If you noticed above, the Los Angeles graphic features a purple sky and lit up building lights which is meant to portray our client’s tireless devotion to their clients.

Once the graphic was decided upon, the next step was the call to action. Los Angeles is a heavily populated and competitive to boot. Our client wanted to let all potential clients know what makes them stand out, so plastered above the graphic is their motto: “Big Firm Quality. Small Firm Attention.” To let his client’s know that they’ll get the representation they need and deserve.

The last bit of detail to go into this mockup was the content presentation. Our team wanted to let the visitor’s have all the information at their fingertips, but did not want to clutter the website with too much information. After some consideration, the team decided to place a list of the practice areas on the left of the website for easy access and to the right would be the content they were looking for.

The end result of all our hard work is pictured above! As we always mention with every mockup, this is just the first round and changes will be made to this website.