New Website Design for a Colorado Tax Law Attorneys

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legal Web design

Today we welcome the start of the law firm website design for our Colorado Tax Law Client. After our portfolio for our most recent website designs, they contacted us to create for them a stylish website.

After the initial questionnaire had been answered, the first step our design team took was to study the website designs they had listed. While the website designs had no concurrent theme, our team took specific attributes from each website to create a completely unique and stylish law firm web design mockup. We felt that a minimalist design would work best based on the content and cues provided within the questionnaire. Our client main practice focuses on Tax Law and one of their requests was to find graphics that would calm their visitors and provide relief. We all know how the simple mention of taxes can get anyone stressed out just thinking about them, so our team chose a high quality image of a Colorado mountain/lake view. Mountains are synonymous with many things: challenges, change, and strength to name a few. We felt a graphic of the Colorado Mountains was appropriate since Taxes and Law are challenges that everyone faces. We felt the graphic would imbue our client’s website visitors with the traits of determination and strength in their trials.

We chose to display the graphic in a large barred window that’s been all the rage these days. Once the graphic was decided upon, the next step was to display our client’s areas of practice. Like the design, we decided to put a minimalist touch and simply listed the practice areas on the graphic.

As we always mention with every mockup, this is just the first round and changes will be made to this website. While we wait for feedback to update you on this project, we invite you to check out our current project showcase for more ideas on our services and work ethic.