New Legal Website Design for Woodbridge Immigration Law Attorneys

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Immigration Law Web design

Our most recent legal website design project for our Woodbridge Immigration Law Attorney Client. Our client contacted us after searching law firm website design on Google and finding Law Promo on the first page. After speaking with one of our sales representative and doing a little more research on other website design firms, they agreed that we’d be a good fit and asked us to redesign their current website.

The first step our team took was to study their current design and ask questions regarding the redesign. What did they like about their old law firm website design? What didn’t they like? Did they want a radical redesigning of their website? Did they simply want to update their current design? What did they want to accomplish with this new redesign? Were there any specific features they wanted?

After gathering the questionnaire, our team learned that the clients wanted a radical redesign of their website since their last design was five years ago. They felt that their current website wasn’t up to par with their competition and had too many unnecessary features as well as a faulty layout. They wanted this new lawyer website redesign to appeal to their target clientele. They were no specific features they were looking to include. Their only request was to create a website that would distinguish their practice at a glance. They wanted a professional, user-friendly law firm website design that would bring in clients, and we had the solution.

The first thing we tackled on this new website design was the content layout. The problem with their old layout were the slim margins and width. The background of the entire website overshadowed the content presentation and the overall feel of the website was claustrophobic. Everything was too bunched up. The first step we took was to create a larger layout for proper content presentation.

As shown above, the new web design layout features a full length menu at the top, followed by our immigration law client’s logo and contact information. Underneath the contact information, we placed their call to action: “Referrals are our highest compliment” alongside a rotating photo loop depicting their eye-catching graphics. Nestled beneath the photo loop and call to action are buttons that invite the visitor to meet the attorneys or contact our client immediately. Lastly, there are three columns of information. On the left is a list of our immigration law attorney’s areas of practice, in the middle is the featured content of that page, and on the right is a contact form. Our team included a footer and disclaimer underneath the featured content.

After the website layout and content presentation were finished, our team focused on the color scheme of the website. One of the requests was to make the website more dynamic than their previous website which featured dull colors. We needed a color scheme that would pop and hold the visitor’s attention. After mixing a few colors and playing with different shades, our team decided to go with a mixture of maroon on a light yellow background. The maroon gives the website the pop it needs, while the yellow holds everything in place.

Overall, we’re quite happy with this design as we are with all our other design work. This website is still in the mockup stage and we expect our client’s to make a few changes. If you’re interested in a law firm website design similar to the one shown above for your firm, contact Law Promo at 213-341-1673.