New Legal Website Design for Oregon Criminal Defense Attorneys

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As we’ve mentioned in different posts, there has been a higher demand for responsive law firm website design. A number of our current clients, at least the ones who have aging websites, have contacted us in hopes for a redesign that would put them on par with their competition. Instead of spending more money for both a redesign and a mobile website, why not get the best of both worlds with a responsive web design? Our most recent lawyer website design project is a redesign for our Oregon Criminal Defense Attorney client.

Our client contacted us feeling it was an appropriate time to make a radical redesign of their current website. Although their web design served them well, it was time for a change. With this new legal website design, they wanted to do away with the traditional layout and opt for a bigger, bolder presentation and design. They wanted a responsive website design that would serve them just as well as their original website. Our team was only too happy to oblige.

Like all web design projects, we started off in the mockup phase. Due to their request, our team started completely from scratch. The keywords for their design were “bigger” and “bolder”, so our team put out all stops:

We included a full-width header menu for their website. The top features our client’s logo along with social media information and a contact number. Our team decided to capitalize on bold colors, so the general color scheme of the website is white on red. As we mentioned, we did away with the traditional layout, and switched to a responsive layout. To go for the big and bold effect, we tried something different from our usual responsive website designs and went for a high quality graphic background of Oregon. The middle of the website features a transparent black background with photos depicting their practice areas and call to action. The main content is encased in a white background. Select photos feature their practice areas and a brief introduction to their firm underneath the photos. Client testimonials and prior case results are presented prominently with scrolling text.

We can’t stress enough the benefits of redesign and the benefits of a responsive lawyer website design. Like all other design projects, this legal website design is still in mockup mode. Stay tuned for updates to this website.