New Lawyer Website Design for a Chicago Family Law Attorney

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lawyer website design showcase

In today’s blog post, we’ll be revisiting one of our earlier lawyer website design mockup blog posts to review the changes made in the second round.

After our Chicago Family Law client reviewed their first website design mockup, they were a little overwhelmed at how different it was compared to their current website. Although the website design was geared towards the newer aesthetic they’d seen in their competitors, they decided to tone it down a notch and requested to see a more traditional design which meant it was back to the drawing board for our designers!

Rather than going for a minimalist look with focus on graphic rather than content, our design team went the opposite route and decided to balance and complement each aspect of the website. In the previous mockup design, the layout focused primarily on graphics and minimal content. The minimal content was meant to provide visitors incentive to click around the website. With this recent mockup change, we did away with the initial layout and went back to a traditional layout as we felt the traditional layout would do better in balancing and complementing the different aspects of the website.

Upon switching the layout, we decided to stick with the color scheme of blue, gray, and white as we felt it would represent the law firm well and preserve their professional image. We also felt it complemented the new static photo placed to the right of their website design. The static photo is a stock photo from our library and is interchangeable if our client’s wish to change it. To the left of the main menu is our client’s law firm logo design and underneath is the contact information for the firm.

As our client requested, our design team went back to their roots and created a more traditional website with modern features. As we mentioned before, this lawyer web design is still under construction and changes are expected to be made once our Chicago Family Law client reviews the website.