Nevada Personal Injury Law Attorneys Website Design

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We’ve already posted about the benefits of an attorney website redesign. Like search engine optimization and marketing, design trends change and it’s important to keep your website’s aesthetic up to date. The average life span of an attorney web design is usually between 3-6 years. The website featured above is a redesign mockup for a responsive attorney website for our Nevada Personal Injury Client. Read on to find out the changes we implemented in the first mockup.The first major change we implemented to this mockup is through the color scheme. The familiar colors of blue, white and gray were chosen in order to soothe visitors who would be searching for a personal injury attorney. The header features our client’s logo, contact information, and social media pages.

We’ve added large, high resolution images featuring our client’s practice areas and city. Atop the image carousel, on a transparent black background, we’ve added our client’s rewards, case results, contact information, and a brief biographical summary of our client. Below the photos, we’ve added three buttons featuring our client’s areas of expertise. These buttons serve as a more modern practice area menu that most attorney website designs sport.

The main content is showcased on the right side while our client’s awards and titles are presented on the left. Our team also added a highlighted section within the content featuring our client’s most recent achievements. We’ve also increased font size of the content to match the website’s aesthetic.

Overall, we feel this is a good step forward. As we mentioned earlier, this attorney website design is still in the mockup phase and changes will probably be made once our client takes the time to review it.