Mobile Site for Your Law Office

Categories: Service Updates.

As the internet grows more ubiquitous, so do the devices used to access it. Smartphones and other web-enabled phones are growing in popularity among consumers.

According to the 2010 Consumer Behavior Report in smartphone shopping behavior, 53% of online consumers own a smartphone or other web-enabled phone with a data plan. 3G connectivity, which gives mobile web users faster data speeds, has also grown, from 48% of mobile web users in 2009 to 64% in 2010. Because the mobile web market will only continue to grow further–as the convenience of having the internet everywhere is becoming more of a necessity to consumers–your law firm needs to implement a mobile web strategy to reach this expanding audience.

Even though attorneys conduct live counsel, either face-to-face or by telephone, a mobile web presence can still benefit your law firm. People use mobile web services for its instant availability everywhere, similar to 411. A mobile website can provide useful information to the potential client before they call, and thus, is much more welcoming than a listing in a telephone directory.