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Today we are living in the age of the mobile device and so, mobile sites for lawyers are becoming a top priority as the demand for quality mobile content skyrockets. 

It is estimated that in 2014, more smartphones will be sold than PCs.  With the advent of mobile devices, our culture and the way we conduct ourselves has changed drastically.  We can now expect virtually everything to be available to us on our mobile devices and so, mobile sites for lawyers are the future of your law firm’s success.

The most powerful way to increase your accessibility to your potential clients is to have an efficient mobile website that allows your them to access every element and function of your firm’s regular website at the convenience of their smartphone.  The problem, of course, is that mobile devices are extremely limiting in terms of size and internet speed. 

In addition, most mobile devices are not compatible with flash technology, rendering many websites completely blank if not at least missing major chunks of data.  For this reason, strategic law firm mobile website development is needed to optimize your mobile site for all of the major smartphones including Droid-based and iPhone platforms.

The mobile web should be seen by all businesses as a new marketing channel with endless opportunities.  As more and more people turn to their mobile devices for virtually everything, abandoning the traditional computer more and more for their personal computing tasks, businesses have the unique opportunity right now to jump ahead of the game and take their businesses onto the new world wide mobile web. 

It is estimated right now that only 1% of the 80 million websites that exist today are mobile-friendly.  As the number of people searching for businesses and services on their mobile devices increase, it is the small percentage of websites that are accessible by mobile devices that will benefit from this marketing opportunity.

Smartphones make everything much easier and more convenient for people and the shifting trend towards the ubiquity of the smartphone means that mobile website development will bridge the gap between your in-demand legal services and your potential clients’ need for speed and convenience. 

At the end of the day, online marketing means covering all bases and seizing every opportunity out there.  There is no greater opportunity today than the rapidly expanding mobile web.