Mobile Compatibility Vs. Responsive Website Design

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Attorney responsive website

Lately, there has been some confusion over attorney website design that feature mobile compatibility and responsive web design. Mobile compatibility and responsive web design are two very different things that should not be confused. In today’s post, we’ll be covering both mobile compatibility and responsive web design just to give you all an idea.

Mobile compatible websites are also known as mobile-friendly websites. Most law firm website design companies and web design companies in general offer these types of websites with each design. Mobile compatible websites display your exactly as it appears on your desktop.

It’s a smaller version of your website depending on your viewing device. If your law firm web design is mobile compatible, it simply means that what you see on your desktop browser is what you’ll see on your mobile or tablet device. Mobile compatible lawyer website designs will be fully functional on your phone and will work exactly as they do within a desktop browser. The only difference between the desktop version of a mobile compatible website and the mobile version is that some mobile devices do not support flash and if your lawyer web design has flash elements, then they will appear as a still image within the mobile device.

Responsive Website Design is a recent design innovation that’s quickly gathering speed. Most law firm website design companies, as well as other web design companies offer responsive design. Responsive website design is a little pricier than mobile compatible websites due to being a completely different web development. Responsive website design adheres to your viewing devices.

In a sense, it evolves and shapes itself differently depending on what device you’re using to view the website. A responsive website design is like having two different websites: one for mobile and tablet and another for desktop. Unlike mobile compatible websites, a responsive website will reformat and re-optimize the website based on the screen size of your viewing device to provide you an optimal viewing experience.
Hopefully this clears up any confusion!

Here at Law Promo, we offer both mobile compatible law firm web designs and responsive website designs. If you’re interested in either option, give us a call today at 213 341 1673.