Minnesota Car Accident Lawyers Blog Design

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Attorney website design is all about getting the information out to your client in a professional and formal appearance, but when it comes to integrated blog designs, it’s all about informing your clients and visitors about certain information you feel will be helpful to them in one way or another. Blogs are meant to condense and focus on one topic, which is what our client, the Finn Shapiro LLC did with their blog.

The Finn Shapiro LLC originally wanted just a law firm website design, but after hearing of all the benefits a blog gives a website, they contacted us again to create for them a blog in which they’d focus solely on personal injury and car accidents. We were happy to take on the task, but we let them know that a blog meant nothing and would do nothing to improve their lawyer website design search engine rank if there were no updates. They assured us that they knew common blogging practices and were well aware that no updates meant there would be no progress or rise in rank. We were relieved to hear since past clients would come and complain to us that the blog had done nothing for their rank, but upon further inspection we realized that these clients weren’t even updating their blogs. Now, we make sure to inform all our clients what it means to have a blog.

For the Finn Shapiro blog, we followed the same layout and style we do for most of our integrated blog designs: a simply, single column blog featuring the latest articles on top and a banner displaying the law firm logo design along with contact information and office location. Simple, yet effective. While some blog designers put out all the stops to give their blog the essence of an actual website, we find that doing so may only confuse visitors as they may confuse the blog for the actual website. All it really takes is a simple and eye-pleasing design and that’s what we always strive to create.

The Finn Shapiro, LLC is located in Minneapolis, MN. Their practice areas include automobile and motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, and train accidents. They are a personal injury trial law firm with over thirty years of experience in providing skilled and aggressive advocacy on the behalf of their clients. Their blog is titled Minnesota Car Accident Lawyers Blog and it focuses on personal injury and car accidents.

If you’re interested in learning more about this particular blog design, we invite you to click around and read some posts at Minnesota Car Accident Lawyers Blog . You can also contact our team for more information about law firm website design.