Minneapolis, Minnesota Personal Injury Law Attorneys Website Design

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About the firm: Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, this law firm is a small firm that focuses largely on lower to middle income individuals as well as small businesses. They are a brand new firm with three attorneys, and they pride themselves on their personal attention and level of savvy when it comes to small business counsel and personal injury law. They also specialize in discrimination law and bankruptcy law, and uphold the highest standard of customer service. Although they are a new firm, they have a large amount of previous experience and guarantee spirited and determined defense in the courtroom.

Crutch Law Firm


Personal injury
Small business
Non-profit corporations

This law firm approached Law Promo hoping that we could completely oversee every part of their web identity. You can see our work on their logo at the top left of the website design; if interested, read more about it on our logo blog. They requested an attorney website design that would appeal to an urban population and that showcased their main practice areas. The deep red gives the website a warmth and welcoming appeal while also suggesting tradition and high levels of education. The practice areas are easy to find, placed clearly on the left, and beckon visitors to read more about their legal services.