Milwaukee, Wisconsin Immigration Law Attorney Website Design

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Immigrationl Law Attorney Website

In today’s law firm website design mockup feature, we proudly present the attorney website design mockup of our Milwaukee, Wisconsin Immigration Law attorney client. This particular client of ours reached out to us the year before, unfortunately, we weren’t able to work together due to contractual obligations. Now, free from any obligations, our Wisconsin Immigration Law client came back to us and we were glad to finally start this project!

Our client came to us with a specific theme in mind for his Milwaukee, Wisconsin Immigtation Law Firm website design. Like the emblem displayed on his banner, the theme for this law firm web design was bridges. Crossing bridges is a great metaphor that’s applicable to any problem one currently faces. When creating this attorney web design, our team wanted to design a website that would complement our client’s call to action: “Helping you on your journey.”

With that in mind, we stuck with a traditional layout that would be quick and easy to navigate. We chose different shades of blue as the primary color scheme to indicate hope during trying times. The photo loop of the website depicts different photos of bridges and pathways all around the world which further supports our client’s call to action.

Please keep in mind that this law firm web design is still in the mockup stage and a radical redesign is not out of the question. Regardless, we feel that this is a great start that captures our client’s vision.

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