McCulley McCluer PLLC Logo Design

Categories: Law Firm Logo Design.

The McCulley McCluer PLLC were interested in a unique logo design that would showcase and summarize the personality they had worked to build, so they decided to bring their initial ideas to Law Promo to see if we could convert their values into a visual symbol. In the end, we found that a simple, traditional look for their logo was most memorable and conveyed the tone they were hoping for. The logo is completely in greyscale and emphasizes the similarity between the two names to make a lasting impression on clients and colleagues.

Law Firm Logo

For a law firm, maintaining a strong sense of identity and branding is just as important as it would be for any commercial business. By defining the personality of your firm and the values you uphold, you will be sure to increase the number of clients coming to you. These clients will be better informed on your firm and will be more decisive about hiring your attorneys. Strong branding, aided by a professional logo, will make a more lasting impression on your potential clients, and they will remember to call. If you’re interested in building a brand for your law firm, call Law Promo today.