Mavroudis & Guarino – Essex County Real Estate Lawyers

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Mavroudis & Guarino, LLC, is a full service law firm located in New Jersey and New York. Our Bergen County Real Estate Lawyers have established real estate, litigation, criminal defense and other boutique practice groups and is a legal representation for a spectrum of individuals, corporations, midsize and small private businesses, banks and nonprofit institutions.

Our Queens NY team involves a team made of former partners and associates from renown law firms in the nation, including general counsels to international organizations and construction companies, as well as other top companies in New York. With our team of legal advisers we have the reputation along with the talent.

We are able to build trust from a client that we can handle their case effectively and efficiently. Our combined expertise allows us to treat every case with the highest diligence while maintaining professionalism and respect.

Our talented teams offers the highest quality counseling in the the area of Westchester County. While many law offices offer complex real estate services, the M&G difference is that we are not just attorneys, but established real estate professionals. Our Real Estate Practice Group Chair, John M. Mavroudis, has developed over $1 billion dollars worth of commercial and residential real estate as founder, owner and Chief Executive Officer of Rio Vista, a prominent real estate development, construction and realty services company. Our lawyers have many years of skill and knowledge in a wide range of matters including regional and local office, retail, industrial and residential developments, home building, real estate brokerage, and other types of residential, industrial and commercial ventures.

Many representative cases have been the subject of reported decisions. M&G law firm offers personalized real estate representation from the most basic transaction such as buying or selling a home to the most complex; restructuring a multimillion dollar development.