Manhattan Beach, California Business and Commerical Litigation Attorneys Website Design

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About the firm: Located in Los Angeles, this law firm covers a variety of litigation cases, raning from employment and wage and hour litigation to civil litigation, commercial litigation, and breach of contract. They have over 20 years of outstanding experience in their field and have solid relationships with many other law firms, allowing them to provide any legal services you might be requiring. They believe their services are affordable, efficient, and maximized to bring you the best results possible

Hubble Law Firm Website


Business and Commerical Litigation
– Breach of Contract
– Misappropriation of Trade Secrets
– Unfair Competition
Employment Law
Debt and Judgement Collection
Personal Injury

When Law Promo begins a law firm website design project, they want to be sure that the website exemplifies the best parts of the attorneys in question. Different clients will be swayed by different images and colors, and we try to keep this in mind to maximize our law firms’ conversion rate. For this law firm, their location was a large part of their business, so it is demonstrated clearly in the header images. However, their range of practice areas and amount of experience is also significant, and that’s why you can see these highlighted along the sides of the page.