Lynberg and Watkins Law Firm Website Case Study

Categories: Website Redesigns.

The Lynberg and Watkins law firm has over forty attorneys and has offices in Orange County and Los Angeles, CA. When they came to Law Promo looking to redesign their law firm website and redefine their online presence, it was determined that their existing website needed a facelift. It was hard to navigate and it had an old, outdated look to it.

Furthermore, their website did not have a content management system, making it difficult to add even the simplest changes to the site. The lack of search engine optimization made the site almost invisible to potential clients seeking out legal services online forcing the firm to rely on alternative means of advertising.

The redesigned website created by Law Promo draws the website visitor’s eye to the navigation menu, encouraging them to spend some time browsing around the site. The bold colors symbolize the boldness and strength of the attorneys in the law firm, immediately building the reputation of the firm in the mind of the website visitors. The attorney directory section allows users to search by position, office location, name or practice area. The new content management system allows changes to be made to the site quickly and easily.