Los Angeles Litigation Attorneys Website Design by Law Promo

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Los Angeles lawyer website design

Our most recent Los Angeles Litigation client came to us because of our traditional and classic law firm web design styles. They wanted us to create for them a web design that would express their experience and tradition. Read below to find out the steps we took in creating their attorney website design mockup.

Unlike our more recent website design mockups, our Los Angeles Litigation attorney client did not like the minimalistic website styles of current law firm web designs. In order to redesign their website, the first step we took was in determining their website layout.

We wanted a dynamic layout that would differentiate their new website from their old website, but not too dynamic that it forgoes the classic traditional look they wanted to attain. As we’ve mentioned before, we’ve been in the midst of refining our designs to incorporate modern themes. In order to create a dynamic layout that would retain the aesthetic our client’s requested, we fused our modern layouts and their traditional layouts.

While the majority of the layout remains traditional, we created a layout that would incorporate large graphics with ease. Large graphics and minimal content have been all the rage lately, and we decided to slightly minimize the graphic to include more content.

The top of the website features a static main menu underneath a banner depicting our client’s logo and contact information. The large graphic is placed right in the middle of the website and the photos featured are made to enhance our client’s theme of experience and tradition. To the right of the graphic is a brief overview of our client’s history and their call to action. Below the graphic, the content is placed to the left and to the right is a list of practice areas. The layout is simple enough to maneuver and provides information at the fingertips of the visitors.

In choosing the color scheme, we decided to go with a mixture of bronze and white. The bronze color complements the photos within the graphic loop and we felt bronze was a fitting color to express traditional values. We found that the white and bronze color scheme went well with our client’s image as a long-standing and well-respected law firm.

In terms of design, this website design mockup is one of our most simple, but it’s charm lies in it’s simplicity. Overall, we are happy with our work on this mockup design. We’ll update you as soon as the next mockup is ready and all changes have been made. Contact us today and speak with one of our representatives to see what we can do for you. We’ve helped hundreds of lawyers and we can definitely help you. Check out our attorney website design portfolio to see our latest works!