Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Responsive Web Design

Categories: Legal Website Design.

Your law office wants to heighten experiences for your clients in every way, so why not heighten their user experience with your website? This web­design landing page only uses 3 colors: white, black, gray. Who would’ve thought these three colors could look so creative. With your logo on top left, it’s clear to your viewers that you are a law office. And with your phone number on top right, it’s clear to your viewers that you are a phone call away. And if they scroll down just a bit more you can assure them with your ability to handle legal cases by exhibiting your hard work earned badges of honor.

Then you reach your arms out to your prospective clients allowing them to know you are there for them by stating something along the lines of “Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. We’re here to rebuild your road to recovery”. This web­design is meant for those who want to help
future clients with a lot of information directly on their website. This shows your commitment to help those who are in need of your services to relieve them of suffering from various situations.

So let your potential clients know what you stand up against just by looking at your website. Start helping your law office by helping those viewers trust you in what you do.