Los Angeles Business Litigation Law Firm Website Design

Categories: Current Project Showcase.


Currently, we are working on a fully responsive law firm design that is being developed specifically for attorneys practicing business litigation in Los Angeles. Since the nature of this design work is time sensitive, we’ve made this site as easy to navigate as possible. Emphasis has been placed on establishing a line of communication between the prospective client and the law firm.

Dark brown web design is effective and appropriate under a specific set of circumstances. Dark text on a white background is significantly less straining on the eyes than white text on a dark background. The exceptions being, when the text is limited to a few characters, large in size and/or accompanied by icons.

Main semi-transparent box sit at the center of the home page, and CTA box is linked to another specialty area. The design is minimal and direct, minimizing the opportunity for visitors to get lost or distracted. This straightforward approach results in a high conversion rate since the site is intuitive and getting sidetracked is nearly impossible.

Looking for a suitable web design for your Business Litigation practice? Drop us a line and see what we can do for you.