Lokk Legal Logo Design

Categories: Law Firm Logo Design.

Law Promo recently completed this logo design for Lokk Legal. They were interested in a logo that was professional and refined, but also wanted something interesting to help potential clients remember their name. A padlock was an excellent place to start, but we wanted to be sure that the logo established them as a law firm, not a security company. The additional document icon, paired with a serif font, brought the logo into the realm of professionalism and legal services. Finally, a bright steak of yellow and orange accents the logo, making it eye-catching.

Law Firm Logo

There are many professionals out there who can design a logo for you. However, not many of them can provide the talent, experience and expertise that we offer. Because we have spent just under 10 years working with logo design for legal professionals, we have the foresight to see what problems might arise, and the knowledge to guide you clear of them. Call Law Promo for a logo design experience unlike anywhere else.