The Law Offices of Walker-Lightfoot Logo Design

Categories: Law Firm Logo Design.

When the Law Offices of Walker-Lightfoot wanted to create a logo that encapsulated their definitive brand, they reached out to us at Law Promo. Specifying a desire for class and elegance, they also mentioned preference for dark blues as it suggests professionalism and refinement appropriate for their law offices. We presented them with a simple hexagon shape made unique by a circular arrangement of letters and additional internal coloring. The clean yet unique design was exactly what the Law Offices of Walker-Lightfoot was looking for.

Law Firm Logo

Whether you’re just starting your own practice or are part of an established law firm, Law Promo will meet your every expectation when it comes to logo design. Our professional team spends time to understand you and your practice, then continues improving upon their logo design until you and your firm are completely satisfied. If you are looking for personal, customized logo design according to your vision, call Law Promo today.