Liles Harris PLLC Logo Design

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This logo was designed here at Law Promo for Liles Harris, PLLC. Law firms often have two or more names in their title, and each firm has a different outlook when it comes to logo design. Some want the names to look similar to convey a united sense of tone. Others, as in this case, prefer that the names contrast with each other and embody the different attorneys and their symbiotic personalities. Here, the name Harris is characterized by a traditional serif font, while the shorter name Liles appears in a very angular and forward-looking typography. Together they represent the balance of values existent at their firm.

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Every law firm has a personality and brand unlike any other. You deserve a logo design approach that understands the culture of your firm and aims to tell your story through symbols and typography. If you’re interested in a logo design that will capture your firm’s essence and engage your potential clients, contact Law Promo today.