Legal Website Design For Texas Corporate Law Firm

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Corporate Law Firm Website

Our newest attorney web design is for our Texas Corporate Law Firm client. We’ve just completed the mockup design for our client. Read up on our process below!

Like with all new attorney website design projects, we started with a questionnaire to get a feel for the type of design our client was looking for. Since their main practice is corporate law, our team decided to go with more neutral colors such as blue, white, and gray. The banner of the website features our client’s custom logo and phone number against a blue background. The menu in this mockup is superimposed onto the banner and would feature highlights or underline for user navigation.

The main feature of this website are the views of Texas shown within the stock photography provided. Our design team made use of symmetry and shadows to give the mockup a more 3D feel. The content is divided into three sections: About Our Firm, Practices, and Office location. Each content title is distinguished by a matching blue font and gray underline. By structuring the content in this way, our team is able to provide visitors with instant access to the information they’re searching for.

Like with all mockups, this design is by no means permanent. We’re currently awaiting feedback from our client before further refining the attorney website design. Stay tuned for more updates!