Lawyer Website Design For Civil Litigation Attorneys

Categories: Current Project Showcase.

Today we would like to share a website we currently have in development for a law firm based in Indiana. This particular site design utilizes modern web design principals as well as a fully-responsive layout.

This site uses two principle colors predominantly throughout its design – white and blue. These colors are reflected in a number of sections of that site, including the hero banner images, the logo and super header contact information, the practice area sidebar, header titles, as well as the footer of the site. The spacing between elements is well-designed and makes the site easy to read for site visitors. This use of ample spacing includes the header and footer sections as well as the main and sidebar content of the website.

The company slogan is clearly displayed in the home page of the site and information is easy to digest and locate within the site. Information about the Attorneys and Practice Areas is simple to find and the site looks great from mobile to desktop to laptop.