Why Law Firms Need The Website

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For many Americans, going online is an important way to connect with friends and family, shop, get news and search for information. Nearly 90-percent of U.S. residents are connected to the internet, making the web an undervalued tool for reaching new clientele.

Law firms with easily navigable web pages increase their business as customers now seek out attorneys through smart phones or tablet computers the second the need arises.

Clients have gone from distrusting legal professionals with heavy web presences to viewing those without a web presence as potentially dubious in nature. A well formulated website is no longer an add-on, but a necessity for legal professionals.

Websites are a Necessity 
According to Technorati’s annual State of the Blogosphere Report, the average blogger earns close to a living wage. Unlike unprofessional websites managed by typically untrained free-writers, our company actively manages websites we design to realize their internet business potential and draw clients who are already looking for their services.

The Rise of Internet Shopping 
Increased use of websites like Amazon.com and Ebay lead The United Kingdom’s Office of Fair Trading to research internet shopping practices. Ignoring the internet market is no longer an option for career lawyers and law firms.

The Internet Provides Accessible Information 
A recent Awo Inc study found that less than one fifth of Americans have difficulty finding an attorney when searching for a professional to best represent their case. The majority of potential clients don’t know where to find legal information. An informative website puts information in the hands of potential customers and illustrate that your law firm has the experience and professional manner needed to handle their cases.

Internet Advertising Continues Growing 
According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s 2009 report, internet spending revenues totaled six billion dollars the recent fiscal quarter. That’s a 17-percent increase from the same period in 2009. Online legal advertising connects our clients to new business and gives start-up firms a competitive edge against more established legal service companies.

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