Law Promo’s Revamped Website Design Portfolio

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Here at Law Promo, we’re always looking for new ways to display our newest law firm website designs.

We’ve mentioned before the importance of updating your website design every few years. Lately, we’ve been making small improvements to the Law Promo website. These minor tweaks may not be noticeable at first, but we encourage you to take a look around our website to see if you can spot them!

Additionally, you can read the information on our changes below:

The first change we implemented on the Law Promo website was to redesign the footer and how we display our social media outlets. If you scroll to the bottom of our homepage, you’ll notice a row of our social media accounts: Yelp, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, YellowPages, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Blogger. The icons are slightly larger than regular and are presented in bold colors. Our intention in displaying our social media in this way is to invite any visitor interested in a lawyer website design to click on the icons and find out more about Law Promo, our services, and our culture. Any visitor can read up on reviews and recent news regarding our company.

The second change focused on updating our attorney website design portfolio. As a design company, we know how important it is to continually update your portfolio. After all, you don’t want new visitors looking at something you created a few years ago. The problem with some design companies is their lack of effort in adding their newest completed projects onto their portfolio. Sure, it can be tedious, but it’s necessary. Our previous lawyer web design portfolio featured only our most well-known clients. Now, our updated law firm web design portfolio features our newest completed designs. We’ve changed the order and added more information right next to each web page snapshot. We’ve also added our responsive websites to our portfolio and labeled it in red to make sure our visitors know which websites are responsive and which are not.

Our third change revolves around updating our blog design and legal news portfolio. With each website design, we also offer an integrated blog design that would complement our client’s website. Our intention with each integrated blog is to fuse both blog and website into one. This is done through careful design and slight revisions. With this change, we’ve simply added our most recent integrated blog designs along with short blurbs regarding the law firm, their practice, and their intended focus for their blog.

While these changes are minor, it doesn’t take a major redesign to keep your website updated. Sometimes, it’s all about the little things. The little things are what make up the website, after all. While a radical redesign isn’t out of the question for Law Promo in the future, until then, we’ll focus on revising the Law Promo website with small changes and improving on certain areas. If you’re interested in a website redesign or a completely new lawyer website design for your firm, contact us today!