Law Promo’s New Website Design For An Illinois Divorce Law Attorney

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Family Law  Web design

It’s always in good practice to keep your website design and content management system up-to-date. Not doing so will hurt you in the long run! Our most recent client from Illinois reached out to us to redesign their Family Law oriented website. They felt it was a good time to revamp their website after seeing their competition. We couldn’t agree more as we felt their website was a bit outdated and we were happy to help them. They listed a few examples from our Law Firm Web Design Portfolio and after reviewing their examples, we came up with a unique design that we felt would complement their family law practice and modernize their website.

Our client requested a website that would display them in a new, modern and professional light. They wanted a website similar to the new websites they’ve seen which usually feature a minimal amount of content paired against large graphics. The first step we took in redesigning their website was to change the background. Rather than the standard colored background, our team decided to take a different approach and chose a skyline shot of Chicago, Illinois at night. The skyline background complemented the interlocking photo-loop which features different photos pertaining to their practice. Underneath the photo-loop, a list of their practice areas is placed for the visitor’s easy access. The color scheme is primarily calming colors: blue, white, gray. These colors are also considered neutral and are commonly used among modern and corporate websites.

As our client requested, our design team created a minimalist website with large images and minimal text. Like all our projects, we feel it’s a good place to start. Changes will be made and the end result may be totally different from what was originally conceived, but for the time being, this design allows us to start getting the ball rolling. If you’re interested in a redesign of your law firm website, contact Law Promo today and we’ll be happy to help!