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We’ve touched upon the topic of social media and it’s incredible uses for attorneys and law firms. Social media provides a wealth of benefits to businesses and lawyers in the form of an audience. If harnessed correctly, social media can provide amples of help in terms of ROI. The same can be said about LinkedIn. For individuals and businesses, LinkedIn is a social media website targeted towards professionals, students, and job-seekers.

LinkedIn helps in expanding your professional network. Recently, LinkedIn revamped their company pages to include showcase pages. Showcase pages are a new way for companies to highlight an individual brand or product their company provides. While your LinkedIn company page is primarily a place to share and update new content, the newly added showcase pages allow marketers, businesses, lawyers, and even web designers to provide targeted updates and content focusing on a certain aspect of their business. It’s a great new way to expand on your firm’s social media campaign.

Here at Law Promo, we delight in using social media to further reach our clientele and display our law firm web designs or our current project show case. We invite you to visit and follow our Law Promo Inc. Company Page for all the latest Law Promo news. Our company page features a healthy list of articles updated daily about our company, our blog posts, news articles, and helpful marketing tips for your business. Our LinkedIn showcase page features the newest web designs, law firm website launches, and our current project showcase. Our goal for these company and showcase pages are to reach out to new and existing clients interested in our web design services. Since our beginnings as a start-up company, we also want to help other start-ups with their business and marketing practices.

Like we always say, we’re here to help!