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Law office logo design

A website design without a logo has no identity. Your logo is essentially the face of your website. It’s what visitor’s are most likely to recognize and associate your website and law firm with. Every branding effort begins with a great logo. A logo provides your business with an identity that people would be able to recognize. Logos are an integral part of any website design and law firm marketing. At Law Promo, we pride ourselves on helping our client’s create brand identities with their law firm. Featured above is our most recent branding client.

The client above approached our team after finding us on Google for law firm web design and logos. She wanted to create an identity that would brand her law firm and its practice. Her primary practice represents businesses and entrepreneurs. Her practice areas are focused on resolution and business disputes including intellectual property matters, trademark, trade dress, and copyright.

Her logo request was to create a brand with traditional roots. She wanted something simple and elegant. She wanted a logo that would reinforce her experience and her professional approach to business disputes and resolutions.

The first point we considered in creating the logo was the font type. Since she asked for a traditional logo, we decided to do away with the newer font types and stuck to a serif font to enhance the traditional visual she requested. Once the font was chosen, we focused on creating an abstract symbol to brand her firm.

As always, the abstract symbol proved the toughest to design. We came up with a few concepts that featured the current logo trends; however, our client wasn’t pleased with the symbols provided. Law Promo offers unlimited revisions on all logo designs, so we continued to work on her logo until she was satisfied. Since the current logo trends didn’t appeal to her, we decided to take the symbol designs in a different route.
Our team’s goal was to incorporate her first initial, C, into a design. We went through a total of two rounds and on the second round, we created the moon-like symbol within a box that is shown above. Our client reviewed the other concepts and decided to finalize the logo above after praising our design team for creating a law firm logo design she loved.

Receiving compliments is always a good feeling and we were glad that she was happy with our product. Here at Law Promo, we offer unlimited revisions on both our web design and logo designs. We will continue to work until you are happy and satisfied. If you’re interested in our legal web design services, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help.