Law Promo Will Transform Your Law Firm Web Presence.

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Are you experiencing a web traffic drought? If so, can you easily shift through the information and figure out why?

Are potential customers missing your site? Perhaps your webpage is not easy navigable because pertinent information is buried and hard for your visitors to obtain? When was the last time you updated your content?

Another one of our specialties is updating aging websites or no rebooting sites that no longer produce the results your law firm needs. Unless your site is on the front page in search rankings and regularly provides leads for your law firm, your legal services company is not utilizing the internet as efficiently as possible.

Law Promo prides itself on its success redesigning existing lawyer websites so that they express the law firm most effectively and dramatically increasing productivity, using cutting edge search engine optimization techniques, the latest Web 2.0 gadgets, flash animation, legal videos, and other features to enhance your website. 
We provide these additional features to website redesigns contacts:
Information architecture: organizes your law firms information efficiently
Search engine optimization: raising your attorney web site on search engines
Content management system: translate information for the technology unadept
Analytics tools: measure site traffic to ensure results
Hosting and maintenance: secure and reliable hosting with speedy content updates for your webpage
Full editorial services: copywriting, multimedia editing