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A custom logo is an essential part of business identity and branding. Featured on your website, business cards, letterheads, signage and in advertisements, your logo will clearly identify your firm.

A law firm branded by a logo defines itself to its audience as one that is professional and brands itself as one that is publically recognized. A logo is a symbol that is created to promote one’s business or brand. Many times people emphasize so much on the branding aspect of logo design they forget the design part of it. At Law Promo, we ensure that you will get a logo that fits your business perfectly so it can showcase and represent your law firm and the type of attorneys you are.

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5 star review 5 stars – “My experience with them was first-rate.” Victor Valderra
” I highly recommend Law Promo for law firm logo design. There was never a time that we had to wait on Law Promo. They have done an excellent job at making our law firm website look professional at a cost that was within our budget.”

July 25, 2015

Law Promo’s logo design team will work with you to achieve a design you love. Whether you have a specific look you are going for, or no idea where to begin, we help you create a timeless design that illustrates your strengths as a legal professional.

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