Introducing the Law Offices of Barry I. Mortge Website Design

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Law Offices of Barry I. Mortge

Today, Law Promo is proud to present the online debut of the Law Offices of Barry I. Mortge. This comparatively simple website is a great example of a sole practitioner website that will spread the attorney’s online representation, but is easy to setup and maintain. By keeping his website efficient in the following ways, he’s created an effective marketing tool that will complement a busy legal professional’s schedule.For example, while some attorneys choose to include pages and pages of content for their visitors to read, this website features very brief, to the point descriptions of his practice areas and services. For his location and practice areas, this may be the best choice because it encourages potential clients to contact him directly, where he can let his talents shine the best. It also saves him the time and effort required for a more-content heavy website–a great alternative for busy attorneys.

Another area where this attorney has chosen wisely is with his news page. While we do recommend a full blog installation for those who will be updating their website frequently, a simple news page is the best solution for firms that only require occasional and brief announcements.  This keeps his website looking clean, and limits the cost and time required from him.

Finally, he’s placed his AV Preeminent endorsement clearly on his homepage. This trust symbol will go a long way in convincing visitors that he is the right lawyer for them. The link even leads to a video that visually displays his accomplishments.

The Law Offices of Barry I. Mortge are located in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and provide representation in commercial litigation, real estate litigation, business shareholder disputes, landlord-tenant disputes, and more. To learn more and explore this website design, visit Law Offices of Barry I. Mortge.