Law Promo Launches Website for Yacub Law Office

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Yacub Law

Law Promo is proud to launch their latest project, a law firm website for Yacub Law Office, a Virginia Criminal, Civil, and Immigration Law Firm.

This website has a standard layout with some modern touches.  The information is presented in a classic way, separated into sidebars and main content areas.  This allows for important calls to action to be highlighted in the sidebar, while main content will still be thoroughly provided in the text-heavy center of the page.  This format allows users to quickly navigate to the information they want to see, and then spend time digging deeper into only the most relevant content.

The modern touches come into play in the graphic portions.  The different elements within the header all have the same pattern of having one rounded edge, as do the profile pictures.  This may seem too simple to be relevant, but once everything is layed out, this unique touch adds a very branded feel to the site.  It ties everything together, giving off the impression of organization and professionalism.

Check out this newest law firm website!