Law Promo Launches Website for Whitfield & Mock, PLLC.

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Law Firm Site

Today we are launching a full-width, fully responsive website for Whitfield & Mock, P.L.L.C. This website features a full-width layout, meaning it is designed to fill up the entire page of any given web browser.

Right away a viewer will notice that there are several washed-out images used as a background for the content. We’ve used white colored text which provides ample contrast to the faded images. A notable feature of this site is the use of imagery in their menu navigation, which is a unique feature that makes the ghost buttons stand out. Their logo also utilizes transparency to maintain consistency within the site.

Imagery is very important to any business’s website, regardless of industry. In the legal practice, it is important to use images strategically to prove to potential clients you are trustworthy, knowledgeable, and ultimately the best choice for their legal retainer. The website for Whitfield & Mock, P.L.L.C., features a calming and beautiful pastoral landscape as the opening banner, and uses unique images to represent each practice area (hard hats to represent worker’s compensation, for example). Aside from imagery, the general color scheme of greens, greys, and white effectively represents their practice on the east coast. As you scroll down you will also notice the subtle use of what is referred to as a parallax effect, which is a simple animation that alters an image’s position in relation to a user’s scroll speed. While that may sound confusing, we recommend taking a look to fully understand this design technique.

To see the full website or to learn more, please visit Whitfield & Mock, P.L.L.C.