Law Promo Launches Website for The Law Offices of J. Tooson

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Law Offices of J. Tooson

Today, Law Promo would like to announce the website launch for The Law Offices of J. Tooson, a Beverly Hills attorney.

This site has a classic structure that we often use to make sure the viewer sees all of the important information.  In the top above the navigation bar, we separated the logo and the important contact information.  This immediately lets viewers know who this lawyer is and how to get in touch with him to inquire about his services.  We also have separated out the practice areas, such as domestic violence and manslaughter, by using a button that stands out and leads to a pop up information box.  This will help the end user know if this law firm specializes in the area that they need.  If so, the end user is likely to reach out and begin business with this law firm.

Additionally, we used an image slider that uses high resolution images.  This is very visually stimulating to the site viewers, but it also symbolizes the work our client does and the level of professionalism they can be trusted to have.

Check out The Law Offices of J. Tooson today!