Law Promo Launches Website for the Law Office of M. Todd Estes

Categories: Website Launches.

Today we are excited to share a website we’ve just launched for M. Todd Estes, a Texas Based attorney specializing in Estate Planning. The landing page on this site is clean and does it’s job by establishing trust right off the bat. The header features a blue background and simple, elegant text in the logo as well as the phone number. The simplicity of the design renders it extremely legible and easy to navigate.

Text is big and clear to ensure any one visiting the site can read it without squinting. Each link in the navigation has a smooth hover effect applied to it so when you mouse over an item, a grey box appears beneath it. The attorneys variety of practice areas are housed in a drop down list, each item as accessible as the next.

Beneath the header is the slideshow, a staple in the website designs of today. This particular slideshow features images of people, highlighting the attorneys humanistic, personable approach. Estate planning brings up a lot of emotions and having a compassionate advocate to walk you through it is definitely a plus. The phrase “Planning for your peace of mind” sits above a photo of the attorney which functions as a guarantee to prospective clients. The photograph has a dark blue border around it that resembles a frame, again touching upon that cozy familial security that people in need of a will want to feel.

The main content area is direct and to the point. Practice areas and the Office Location are listed to the sidebar of the page. Also available are forms that may be useful if you plan on planning for your future. M.Todd Estes works out of Sherman, TX and has decades of experience helping people plan for their future. View The Site for more information.