Law Promo Launches Website for The Diaz Law Group

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Law Firm Site

We are pleased to announce the launch of a fully-responsive website for The Diaz Law Group. This site has a very clean, sharp aesthetic communicating professionalism upon first click.

The header is white and features the attorney’s logo in the top left corner and contact information in the top right. Beneath the header sits the main navigation, where a rich maroon gradient compliments the colors being used in the logo. Each link in the navigation responds to the hover of the mouse by getting darker. A slideshow features timeless images of Los Angeles with the Firms motto displayed prominently. “UNDERSTANDING. THOROUGHNESS. ADVOCACY.”

The main content on the landing page is divided into two sections, each featuring their unique call-to-actions. The left side breaks down the Diaz Law Groups motto with an affirmative synopsis, direct but detailed enough that any prospective client will know exactly what kind of attorney their dealing with. Establishing trust is crucial to the attorney-client relationship and there is no doubt this site does just that. The right side features a list of practice, areas both civil and criminal. With buttons that link visitors to the respective pages that provide further information . The footer of the site has links to the Attorney’s social networks, each button changes color when hovered on and does so in a smooth, seamless fashion.