Law Promo Launches Website for Ray Speciale, Esq., C.P.A.

Categories: Website Launches.

aviation lawyer

Today, Law Promo is glad to unveil its most recent project, a law firm website for Ray Speciale, a Maryland aviation lawyer.

This lawyer website has a simplistic look and feel that allows the end users to find the information they need very quickly.  The main content is complemented by a sidebar in which the practice areas are located, creating a visual divider that allows the viewer to see which practice areas are offered.  If they see the practice area they are looking for, they know immediately that they can then navigate the site and find additional relevant information.

A neat touch added to this website is a tabs feature, which can be found on the attorney page.  Tabs add a certain amount of user engagement, and they also serve as a great way to organize a lot of information.  It would not look quite right to have the attorney page be very long with nothing but text, so this tab feature creates a visually comfortable situation and helps the user find what they are looking for in a timely manner.

Come check out this new aviation lawyer website and see what you think!