Law Promo Launches Website for Padilla & Rodriguez, L.L.P.

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Paddila Law Firm

Law Promo would like to share with you, our latest project. This fully responsive design was done for Padilla & Rodriguez, L.L.P, Houston, TX based attorneys specializing in Personal Injury. The landing page of the site utilizes a high contrast between each section to visually

organize the content. A white header with the firm’s logo, social links and contact information sits above the main navigation. The main navigation is black with white text. Between the navigation and main content is a slideshow paying homage to their geographic region and niche. Images of a judges gavel, downtown Houston and a car accident provide a visual narrative about what they do, where they do it and the area of focus. A semi-transparent box with the tagline “Get the results you deserve” and a super lawyers badge is floated to the left of the slideshow. The first impression this website gives is assertiveness. A tone of professionalism is set immediately upon landing.

Practice areas are listed in the main navigation as well as a sidebar on the main page. Badges displaying the firms Better Business Bureau accredidation , the American Association of Justice and the Texas Trial Lawyers Association are positioned beneath the list of practice areas. Hover effects are used on the practice area graphics in the sidebar as well as on the attorney profiles page. The attorney profiles feature a uniform layout with photos and short biographies for each partner. A black footer with the firm’s contact information is placed appropriately, encouraging users to contact the office. The contact page itself features an image of the office with the firm logo prominently displayed. A secure contact form uses captcha validation and the firms addresses for both their Houston and Los Angeles offices are pre-programmed in a google map. Getting in touch with the firm shouldn’t be stressful, especially if you are need of their services. This was considered with the design of the site, making the information and the attorneys themselves very accessible.

This is a fine example of responsive design done correctly. On a mobile device the menu is collapsable, making room to accommodate content. One particularly useful feature across all platforms is a button in the header that converts the site to Spanish and back to English. This is particularly important considering the large Latino population in both their cities of practice. Overall, this site is a great representation of the firm, utilizing design elements and the latest technology to assure visitors that this group is detail oriented, sleek, effective and up to date with modern standards.

If you or anyone you know was injured in a accident, get the results you deserve by contacting Padilla & Rodriguez, LLP.