Law Promo Launches the Zim Travel Law Website

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Attorney Website Design Zim

Today we’re announcing the launch of the Zim Travel Law, PLLC, website. This firm specializes in travel and hospitality law and were looking to appeal to individuals and businesses within that industry. We created a open, youthful design that targets the firm’s ideal clients while also providing technology capable of handling a large amount of educational information.

The website is marked by the vibrant, lively colors of orange and green, which bring a welcoming tone to the design while also maintaining a certain professionalism. The firm carefully selected beautiful travel-related images for their header. We also enjoy the way this firm wrote their content. It is casual and personable while also being extremely informative and professional.

Zim Travel Law is located in Vienna, Virginia, and offers services related to travel law, including matters regarding business counseling, contract drafting, waiver agreements, e-commerce and marketing, transportation compliance, and employment matters. To learn more about this attorney website, click the Zim Travel Law .